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Welcome to Grover Audio Visual Services (GAVS), where innovation meets immersion in the realm of conference audio-visual excellence. For over three decades, we’ve been the heartbeat of this industry, orchestrating the symphony of over 15,000 conferences and events across the nation as the chosen official AV partner.

A Legacy of Distinction

GAVS isn’t merely a name; it’s a living legacy of AV brilliance. We proudly stand as one of India’s preeminent AV and fabrication firms, shaping the landscape with an extensive inventory, a highly skilled team, decades of experience, and a steadfast commitment to embracing avant-garde technologies. We’re not just a part of the industry; we define it.

Crafting Spectacles for Mega Medical Conferences and International Conventions

In the grand theater of Mega Medical Conferences and International Conventions, GAVS takes center stage. With finesse honed over countless events, we command gatherings ranging from 2000 to 20,000 attendees. Picture it: intricately designed setups, parallel halls numbering from 10 to 50, and an orchestration that transforms events into unforgettable experiences.

A Pledge to Excellence

Our mission is clear: to deliver nothing short of excellence. At GAVS, our team, a blend of specialized engineers and technicians, is dedicated to providing not just solutions but experiences. From foundational AV setups to the enchantment of 3D HD projections, we are architects of immersive moments, crafting each event uniquely and memorably.

Trusted Alliances and a Clientele of Distinction

GAVS is the trusted name behind the scenes, collaborating with independent bodies, NGOs, government ministries, and PSUs. We are the preferred choice for the crème de la crème of Delhi-NCR’s hospitality and healthcare establishments. Our clients don’t just place their trust in us; they place their events in our capable hands, confident in our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Expectations

At GAVS, we transcend boundaries and redefine expectations. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace with our constant exploration and utilization of cutting-edge technology. From conceptualization to execution, when you choose GAVS, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to ensuring that every conference isn’t just an event—it’s an immersive, unforgettable experience.

Step into a realm where innovation meets impact, where every conference is a masterpiece, and every event is an extraordinary journey.

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Audio & Visual

High End Audio Video Equipments, Latest Sound and Lights, LED Screen and Watch outs, High Definition Projection Systems, Multimedia Presentations

Fabrication & Design

Stage Fabrication, Theme Decor, Customized Hangar & Octonorm, Fabricated Stalls


Presentation Management, Simultaneous Interpretation, Teleconferencing, Webcasting and Video Conferencing, Concert Quality Sound Reinforcement, Multi-Imaging Systems, Lighting Design Intelligent Lighting, Rigging Technical & Show Consultation

Corporate Events​

Product Launches, Annual Business and Corporate Meets, Press Conferences, Awards Nights, Short Corporate Films ​

Corporate Events

Product Launches, Annual Business and Corporate Meets, Press Conferences, Awards Nights, Short Corporate Films

Empanelled Hotels

Official Partners

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